Internet security


In the internet world doing simple surfing on the internet now a days became a way for the threats to come. Generally malicious software spread on the internet. After that when a user go to the internet and accidently click on the resource of such malicious things get the threat inside his computer. So internet security is a compulsion in todays era.

trend micro internet security activation

Versatile scan


With just trend micro internet security activation a user gets a capability of a versatile scan inside the computer. Trend micro internet security also help the user to get safe from the external resource of virus and malware. It detect these types of malware on a real time basis. And then remove them automatically.

Threat detection


Trend micro internet security will do threat detection process in real time basis. At the time of trend micro internet security activation it will provide you a real time threat detection and removal from inside and outside malicious world.



trendmicro internet security activation

trend micro internet security activation is a very easy task. Here i will let you know how to download , install and activate trend micro internet security.

  • First of all open web page in your computer. The program will automatically start to download.
  • Now if the download is complete just double click on the downloaded file.
  • When you will double click on the file then the installation process will start it will prompt on the computer. Follow the positive option i.e. "yes" "continue"
  • Seems like it is asking for your activation code now just put the your activation code which is mentioned on your trendmicro card.
  • Finally your trendmicro security is activated and ready for its first scan.

Different tye of trendmicro internet security activation

As there are various version of trendmicro internet security so the activation of trend micro internet security need further more information according to your purchased version of trend micro internet security. Here i am going to let you know the web page for the activation of differnet trend micro internet securities. Rest of the steps will be same like i described earlier.

  • To install trend micro antivirus reach webpage
  • On a mac computer you need to download a different file which you will get at
  • If you have purchased trend micro maximum security then the installer file would be downloaded at
  • And if you purchased trend micro total protection activirus then reach the webpage
  • You can also download your version of trendmicro antivirus which you purhcased from bestbuy at a webpage
Trend Micro internet Security Features


  • Best balanced security which will not affect the speed of your system.
  • Works with all type of operating system i.e. windows 10, windows 8 , windows 7 , android , IOS and mac operating system.
  • Provide a browser extension for safe surfing. Trend micro browser extensions comes with the internet security. It will show you the red mark on the malicious websites and green mark on the safe websites.
  • Email security.
  • Ultimate security against the viruses and different type of malwares.
  • Also provide a trend micro maximum security which will secure you against almost all type of malware.,spyware , ransomeware , logic bombs , trojans etc.

There are some more pages to for trendmicro home internet security activation which are mentioned below-

  2. and
  3. except it

Problems which may come in trendmicro internet security activation

there are some specific problems which may come in trendmicro security activation. Some of the simple problems can be resolved easily. I am stating some simple problem and there respective solution first of all -

  • Conflict with any other antivirus - In this case if you already have an antivirus in your computer. Then you need to remove this (another) antivirus first and then restart your computer to compltely remove it. Now you can install your brand new trendmicro internet security.
  • If you have an old trendmicro antivirus which is already expired - Consider this trendmicro as another antivirus and remove it , if it is not the same version of trendmicro which you have now.
  • In case you have some other error coming - In this case you can call us we provide support for several antivirus related issues.
Frequently ask questions (FAQ)

What is a trend micro license code ?

A trendmicro activation code is 20 characters alphanumeric snippet. It is used to activate trend micro antivirus.


Where i will find my trend micro license code ?

The trend micro license code in mentioned on the back of your retail card. In case you purchased your trendmicro online then you will find the same on your registered email at the time of purchase.


What to do if my license code is not working ?

First of all have a look which version of trendmicro security you have. Now download the installer file for the same version. Now try to activate your trendmicro antivirus. If still you face the problem then it is time to ask for support.


How can i remove trendmicro internet security ?

If you really want to remove trendmicro internet security from your computer go to the control panel of your computer. Find programs and features option. From there you can remove any of your computer program.


How can i stop autorenewal of trendmicro ?

To stop autorenewal of your trndmicro product go to the account section of trend micro and then reach to your payment information section. From there you can stop autorenewal of the product.You can also remove the added credit/debit card.

We provide support for every issues listed below-

  • Installation and removal of trend micro.
  • Reinstallation of your trend micro antivirus.
  • Install update to your antivirus and windows.
  • Resolve all the problem related to the windows (operating system).
  • In upgrade of your internet security.
  • To speed up your slow computer.
  • During a printer install in your computer.
  • To resolve different type of integrity issues in the computer.
  • In order to create a system backup . So you can recover your computer in future.
  • We also provide help in case you have any problem in the office related software.
  • To remove all kind of errors and warnings from the computer.
  • When you want to install some more system utilities.

Our experts can provide you support even in case you already have any threats related problem before activating your trendmicro

Our online experts will help you to resolve any threats or operating system related problems which is already there before the installation of internet . security. Our experts are 24/7 online and they will help you in activation , removal of your internet security. Along with that any old problems which is already exists in the computer can be also resolved by the manual work of our technicians. In even such kind of work you do not go to anywhere. Our experts can give you an online support session at you home on your computer place with the help of cutting edge emerging technologies. We can resolve all kind of problems related to a computer software.

trendmicro internet security activation on computer